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A bit more about Snow Buddies

Inspiring disabled skiers and snowboarders

Snow Buddies UK became a charity regestered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales in May 2016. There were 9 skiers and helpers on our first ski trip to Les Arcs in March 2018. The trip planned for La Plagne in March 2024 will cater for 42 skiers and helpers

The Team


Hi my name is Anna Turney

My Story

Snow Buddies UK helps skiers and snowboarders with disabilities, achieve their aspirations to ski or board on the open mountains, this has got to be beneficial to everyone with a disability.

At the time of writing Snow Buddies run well organised inclusive ski trips to La Plagne in France and Niederau in Austria. The trips cater for a broad spectrum of disabilities and skill levels. To ensure the trips are affordable to all they are heavily subsidised by fundraising events.

The benefits either as a beginner, improver or expert are far to numerous to list, but a few of the big benefits are;

  Experiencing the fresh air, wide open slopes and beautiful scenery.

     Improvement to physical and mental health.

        Social engagement and making new friends    

Read my story above to see what Mono skiing did for me.

Best Wishes Anna

Our Story

The idea of Snow Buddies UK was first discussed in March 2016 it took 12 months to think about it and then 6 months of paperwork to create the charity.

We ran our first trip to The Hotel La Foret, Les Arcs in March 2017. Since that trip we have gradually growing in strenth each year, gaining a clearer understand about what is critical to assist skiers and snowboarders with disabilities,constantly adding to our pool of adaptive equipment, improving the way we work and how we conduct our business.

This work is leading us on an amazing journey that will continue for many years to come, but for 2024 we will be running trips to Niederau in Austria and La Plagne in France. Using quality hotels, providing adaptive equipment, overcoming the hurdles imposes by disability and delivering everything at a cost that is affordable to those on benifits and low income. 

Our Supporters

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