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Ski equipment to help make your trip to the slopes a success

Snow Buddies has a number of Tessier Tempo Mono Skis and piloted duel skis that are available for use in the Snow Domes of the UK of for holidays and trips abroad.


Each piece of equipment has cost Snow Buddies over £5000. All we ask for is a £200 donation.


Mono Ski

Tessier Tempo Mono Ski with a Fournales or quick set shock


Size 2, 3, 4 or size 5 seat with a standard height back

Superlight outriggers with chairlift unload assist (if required).


Dynastar 166 cm speedzone 14 ski with look PX 18 din binding.


Leg cover (if required

Pommel/tee bar quick release  (if required)

Duel Ski

Tessier Tempo Duel Ski with a quick set shock

High back cantilever seat with full harness and

Piloting bar.

1 pair of 149cm Rossignol pursuit 400 skis with Look konect 12 din bindings or similar.

(as recommended by Tessier)

Leg cover (if required)

This rig can come in different configerations for piloting and independent skiing.


Wheel Blades


To make it easier to travel over snow in your wheelchair.

Wheelblades can be fitted to wheelchair castor wheels by the adjustable clamp lock covers and have been designed to fit widths from 1.8 to 6 cm.

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