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A big welcome to Snow Buddies UK

Snow Buddies is one of the UK’s leading snow sport charities. Providing ski trips and ski lessons for skiers and snowboarders with a disability. Catering for the majority of disabilities at a price that is affordable for those on benefits and low income.

For those struggling to find a suitable mono or duel ski for their next winter holiday check out the equipment page.

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Everyone involved with Snow Buddies UK believes that those with disabilities should have the chance to participate in their chosen sport. Snow Buddies is a UK based charity set up to assist skiers and snowboarders with disabilities or a life changing illness, to participate in the winter sport of their choice. Snow Buddies are committed to levelling the playing field by overcoming all the Physical, Financial and Logistical barriers allowing skiers and snowboarders equal opportunities and freedom of choice, making it possible for everyone to participate in and enjoy the sport of their choice.

Experience the exhileration of an inclusive ski or snowboard holiday with Snow Buddies UK!

Trips that cater for most disabilities and ability levels at an affordable price

"A Skiers response:  It will mean a lot to me to be part of  trip, as not only will it enable me to do something I have never done before , it will also help me to make new friends, and feel part of a group where I can be myself, and nothing else matters, apart from having fun!

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