Supporting Disabled Skiers & Snowboarders

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Snow Buddies values

As a team we hold ourselves, our skiers, helpers, volunteers, supporters

and each other accountable to our values.

About Snow Buddies

What we do

Organize ski trips tailored to the needs of disabled skiers and snowboarders.

Help families with disabilities organize a ski holiday.

Provide advise on suitable ski resorts.

Link disables skiers with suitable ski buddies.

What we don't do

We don't give ski lessons

We don't - Ski Guide

We don't - Ski off piste

Charity Information


Trustees have a personal or professional understanding of the needs identified in the Charities objectives. or who will enhance the Charity by their professional skills.

Snow Buddies acknowledges the trustees commitment and enthusiasm for the work of the charity and is grateful for their dedication.

Currently the Board has the following Trustees and is actively looking for other members.







Social Media


Andy Winspeare

Claire Ryan

Dom Hutchins

Jeff Whitworth 

Toby Hewson

Tracy Ryan

Jenny Richmond


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Future trips and Accesability