Supporting Disabled Skiers & Snowboarders

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Run a fundraising event of your choice - the aim, raise a minimum of £50 to support Snow Buddies helping disabled skiers and snowboarders

Do it on you own, involve family, friend or colleagues from college/uni/work. But make sure it is enjoyable and acieveable


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If you cannot manage the challenge but would like to donate -
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Running total as of 18 June 2020 -  £426.96


Selling spare veg and flower seedlings at the local allotments.

Approx Date          April/May

Amount Raised      £112.50

Helen's Chickens

All money in honesty box from selling eggs will be donated towards the £50 challenge.

Approx Date           March/April

Amount Raised      £72.50

Jenny Richmond

An evening dinner at a local

restaurant, raising money from the tickets and a raffle.

Approx Date           TBC

Amount Raised      

Claire Ryan

Claire is making and selling clocks as part of her Uni project and to raise money for Snow Buddies

Approx Date           December

Amount Raised     £70.00

Nick King

Nick had his head shaved to raise money for his £50 challenge,  He never had much hair to start with but still raised the fabulous amount

Approx Date        01 June 

Amount Raised   £90

Matt Newton

Painting and selling Snow Buddies plates for his £50 Challenge. An artist an work.

Approx Date        June 2020

Amount Raised   £81.96