Supporting Disabled Skiers & Snowboarders

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Run a fundraising event of your choice - the aim, raise a minimum of £50 to support Snow Buddies helping disabled skiers and snowboarders.


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Running total as of 18 June 2020 -  £481.46


Selling spare veg and flower seedlings at the local allotments.

Approx Date          April/May

Amount Raised      £112.50

Helen's Chickens

All money in honesty box from selling eggs will be donated towards the £50 challenge.

Approx Date           March/April

Amount Raised      £72.50

Jenny Richmond

An evening dinner at a local

restaurant, raising money from the tickets and a raffle.

Approx Date           TBC

Amount Raised      

Liz and Colin

Liz and Colin saved the money they would have spent at the pub during their self isolation.

Approx Date           March/April

Amount Raised     £125

Nick King

Nick had his head shaved to raise money for his £50 challenge,  He never had much hair to start with but still raised the fabulous amount

Approx Date        01 June 

Amount Raised   £90

Matt Newton

Painting and selling Snow Buddies plates for his £50 Challenge. An artist an work.

Approx Date        June 2020

Amount Raised   £81.96